Transforming interior domestic spaces- causes mess and stress. The old adage, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs” definitely applies to building projects!

It’s bad enough when you’re young but when you’re older it can be unbearable and it often puts people off making the decision to transform or future-proof their interior spaces.

Having recently had a side extension on my home I can totally sympathise with clients worries of “How much dust will there be?”. The answer, so much and it mixed beautifully with the rain that started on the first day of the project and seemed to rain solidly for three weeks! Add in a boisterous Cocker Spaniel and I was constantly wiping paw prints and muddy boot prints off all the floors and carpets!

I should of known better, after all, I transform properties for a living, I have my own portfolio of properties that I’ve personally developed. I have a regular power team of contractors that I trust to get the job done, pretty much to budget.

However, even my trusty stalwart of a builder seemed to forget about my instruction to “cover the floors and scrub away any mess”. To be fair, all the major messes and sploges were mopped up. But the fine microscopic dust particles invaded every nook & cranny of my home and I didn’t see him with a duster in his hand!

So, I’m really keen to make sure that at Maison Frais we offer a service to thoroughly clean up after a project; that the builders make extra efforts to do daily cleans. It’s all about building up trust. Trusting that things get done that were stated they were going to do.

If you found this article useful and you know someone in your family that would like a chat about how they can future-proof their family homes- get in touch!

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