Imagine your mum (recently widowed or all alone)…is staying in the family home. She might be in her early 70’s, still pretty active, but her hip/ knees are starting to age.

She’s living in a four bed semi or detached home with a decent sized garden that she’s finding harder and harder to manage. Even with the help of a young chap who cuts the lawns in summer and tidies the garden with her help in the autumn.

Recently, she’s been diagnosed with Diabetes but she’s still socially active- tea dances, Over 60’s WI- the odd train trip to see far flung grandkids. She’s recently given up driving long distances but still potters about to use the car to help with her shopping.

She fell the previous year on the step out to the garden from the back kitchen step. It badly strained her knee ligaments, taken an age to heal…but her skin keeps breaking down due to the Diabetes. It’s making getting up & down her stairs at home, slow and painful. Consequently, she’s kipping more & more downstairs in the Living room. (She’s not letting on to her eldest daughter as she knows it’ll start a family conversation along the lines of “What are we going to do with Mum? “)

She doesn’t want to make a “fuss” and she doesn’t want busy-body sons-in-law taking over control & decisions about her life. She most definitely doesn’t want to go into a care home yet but worries about what’s going to happen in the near future.

It would mean selling off the family home, she and her dear husband slogged for years to pay off and took great pride in.

In her heart she knows she’s slowing down and her living spaces are shrinking… life is really starting to “get a bit much”.

Then there’s the financial implications of selling up to pay for possible care costs in the future. Her eldest daughter is going through a messy divorce and could do with some money to help her start again. Her son is living hundreds of miles away with a new wife and see’s her on high days and holidays and does what he can to stay in touch. The wife has just announced she’s pregnant. It’s pretty plain that going off to live with them in the future isn’t going to be a realistic prospect.

So, she could sell up, clear any debts, bung her daughter a nest-egg, put a bit aside for the grandkids and try and find a “nice little bungalow to downsize into”, but the local estate agent has said that housing stock is badly sought in her area. The thought of selling her lovely but increasingly hard to maintain family home is making her feel stressed.

Then the thought of de-cluttering 40 years of life and packing up paralyses her thinking planning…maybe she’ll just plough on till the decision is taken out of her hands…

She’s starting to feel powerless, invisible and lonely…


Are any members of YOUR family going through this scenario for real?

Maison Frais Would Offer A Third Way.

Instead of selling up, downsizing, moving out, stress, costs…

What if there was a way to stay in the home they loved?

Renovate & re-purpose their family spaces?

Make the spaces flow safer?

More cosmetically appealing?

Smarter, using voice-activated technology?

What if there was a way to equity release affordably that actually increased it’s saleability of the property in the future?

A way to increase her most valuable asset, instead of reducing it?

Maison Frais Ltd., offers a builder to broadband service- project managing to take away the pain points involved in hiring contractors, mess and trust.

If you found this article useful and you know someone in your family that would like a chat about how they can future-proof their family homes- get in touch!

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