“Code Nan Down!”

Such is the regularity and prevalence of trips & falls resulting in broken hips in my region of the UK (Sheffield & S Yorkshire), that first responders have the code: “Code Nan Down” to describe the race to the scene to stop a frail Senior dying of Hyperthermia.

It’s not the fall per se, more the slow decline into unconsciousness and unfortunately death if not rescued within 4 hours because vital organs have had trauma.

Have you actually ever laid on a cold kitchen floor for more than a few minutes?

Well, I have (as part of my research). Our central heating went off at home about 11pm, I laid on my kitchen floor that is covered with posh Lino…in normal day clothes, with shoes but no jacket. In effect, mimicking how a normal person would find themselves in a trip situation.

I lasted till about 12.45pm. Seriously, I was freezing, teeth shatteringly cold, feeling stiff and uncomfortable. Now, I’m a healthy middle-aged woman and could scramble up and walk away. Imagine if you will, your Nan, Mum, Dad, Grandad. Perhaps they’re already frail…then they trip. They’ve cracked a limb, they won’t have the strength to haul themselves up, they lay there on the cold floor…even a carpeted floor will be cold.

It’s usually the local GP and the nursing/ social care team that trigger the conversations about ” Isn’t it about time to think about care/ moving into sheltered housing/ going into care?”

Why would they want to admit they are failing? Why would they want to give up their home & security?

People don’t. They hang on, and on until either they fall seriously enough to be hospitalised or adult family step in to make the changes, resulting in the start of mental health issues for the seniors involved. The loss of home & control cannot be underestimated.

There is another way…

Why not look at how their home can serve them better & more safely?

At Maison Frais we can do a home audit, a walk-through looking for trip hazards and offer space solutions to improve wellbeing. Underfloor heating, infra-red heaters,removing trip hazards and looking at the room flow- smart home tech to control heating and contact to emergency services by voice activated controls are just a few of the solutions to all the above.

Get in touch if interested in chatting about the above or to make an appointment to look at the home space.

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