Did you know the concept of the ‘Council House’ is 100 years old?

A truly epic & visionary piece of social engineering from a British Government born from post WW1 trauma to the working classes who sacrificed their futures to return home to a home “fit for heroes”.

We are going to need at the very least 100,000 new affordable homes every year for a couple of decades to make up for the woeful & shameful lack off housing needed in the UK.

This country has a particular housing crisis born out of the Thatcher legacy of selling off Council housing stock to tap into people’s natural aspirational tendencies.

Nothing wrong with that EXCEPT, she engineered this to keep people from rioting in the streets with her ideology of “property owning democracy.”

I’m old enough to remember a TV interview with Mrs. Thatcher in which she said “There’s no rioting when people have a mortgage to pay!”.

The fact that Councils were not allowed to spend the receipts from the sale of council houses to plough back into investing in social housing has been an utter disaster!

George Clarke the celebrity TV Architect sponsored by Channel 4 is starting a campaign to raise awareness of this issue- Is putting his money where his mouth is and developing some estates on pockets of Green field sites in Manchester as a model for other councils to follow.

I for one will be supporting and following this campaign closely.

What are your ideas about how this country post Brexit can once again be brave and visionary for homes fit for people to live in the 21st century?

If you found this article useful and you know someone in your family that would like a chat about how they can future-proof their family homes- get in touch!

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