"Ellie LaCrosse has an incredible talent of visualisation which together with her Abundance of ideas can turn the house you live in into a fabulously stylish home. "

The Maison Frais Story

Thank you for visiting our website to find out more about how Maison Frais can be with you as your life changes.

I’d like to share what drives our company mission and vision every day to provide the best, compassionate service to our clients.

A few years ago, my father had a few age-related health issues and was told that he could no longer legally drive. Soon after he was told his beloved family home he still shared with my mum was becoming an unsafe environment and he would need residential care.  

This terrible news had a massive impact on my father. As the head of the family, he felt that he was the provider, protector and ultimately he had always been the decision-maker. Also, he could not imagine leaving my mum behind.

My father’s Mental Health deteriorated very rapidly from then onwards while we watched helplessly. Tragically he died within months of being told he would have to leave his home.

The one thing that stayed with me was that he felt his independence had been stolen and he did not have a say in his future home life anymore.

How many other people in their later years feel the same?  How many people’s mental health is affected by not feeling independent and useful to anyone any longer?  I suspect its many more than anyone realises.

Those thoughts made me realize what my purpose in life is.  I need to ensure that as many people as possible can stay living in their homes, being as independent as physically possible for as long as they can (or want to).  The concept for Maison Frais was born!

I’ve lived and worked both at home and overseas as a Structural Engineer and then forged successful careers in education and building development. I knew that I had the expertise and experience needed into making this concept a reality that could help many families like my own with compassion.

At Maison Frais we work directly with people who want to future proof their homes for the long term. 

We provide an alternative to downsizing and /or going into care by providing Project Management and Interior Design Service to solve their interior and exterior space issues.

We help deal with the many pain-points clients have when extending or refurbishing their homes – untrustworthy contractors, noise & mess,  planning issues and the general stress and confusion of undertaking a major project.

From smart home technology,  personal care aids, widened doorways to  discreet lifts and changing floor surfaces –  If there is a solution to a possible problem in the home, we will find it and solve it.

Our handpicked team of safe, trustworthy contractors share our mission and values on every project.

We help create the lifestyle clients deserve in the homes they love whilst  protecting their most value asset.

I don’t want anyone to ever feel the way my dad did.  Anyone who wants to stay in their home should be able to and Maison Frais is here to ensure it is possible.